Legals & Pricing

Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Rental under the provisions of BGB respectively DEHOGA

OK, so you have booked one or more rooms in our hotel. Now you unfortunately have to cancel these bookings!
Can these bookings be easily cancelled??

As always in life, when it comes to room reservation, it is nothing without legal regulations.  Housing and Reservation legals that are  based on the provisions of the temporary lease (German BGB §§) are linked.
In addition, there are special confirmed regulations (by settled case-law limits through the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA)).
An accommodation agreement is done by

  • verbal communication (in person to the landlord)
  • or by telephone (if you call the landlord)
  • or in writing (letter, fax, e-mail, postcard to us, the landlords)

The contract can not be done unilaterally, ie solved without the consent of the other party (and here it is not critical how the accommodation contract has been concluded). In general, if no agreement has been reached:

via breach of contract by the

a.) Landlord (our responsibility)

To provide an equivalent substitute accommodation and, where appropriate, to bear the loss.

b.) the Guest/Booker (ie your responsibility)

Pay the agreed rental rate less the expenses saved by the landlord for the entire rental period, if in re-letting is not possible. (This is not a claim for damages, but a claim for performance of the contract)
The standard values for the expenses saved, depending on the booked accommodation are as follows:

Savings Fee to pay
Accommodation with Breakfast 10% 90%

For the fulfillment claim it legally does not matter:

  • For whatever reason, the reserved accommodation will not use them!
  • At which time the reservation was canceled.
  • Reason: There is no unilateral cancellation of the contract, the date of cancellation is legally irrelevant.<duty/dutyli>

Verbal agreements are only binding if they have been confirmed in writing by the Hotel owner.